The term “fogging” or “misting” is often used by sanitisation companies as part of their offering, but what does it actually mean, and why is it important to understand the details?

Proper sanitisation fogging process ensures maximum coverage and protection.

With sanitisation – Fogging, Misting & Spraying mean different things.

Sanitisation & Disinfection providers will often use the terms “spray”, “mist”, or “fog” to describe their application methods. They are different in terms of their effectiveness and efficiency in application.

Sanitisation – Spraying

Sanitisation Sprayer | Disinfectant Sprayers

High Volume – Large Droplet – Inaccurate Coverage

Should be used only for outdoor or wet areas. Characterised by a large droplet size and rapid an inaccurate application, spraying sanitisation methods are best suited to the disinfection/sanitisation of large outdoor areas. The Spray method provides poor intricate coverage and will typically not find its way on to every surface.

Sanitisation – Misting

Sanitisation Misters | Disinfectant Misters

Low Volume – Medium Droplet – Moderate Coverage

Can be used for small sanitisation jobs such as door handles and chair backs. Not suited to full room sanitisation due to the low volume and medium droplet size. Typically misting will offer slightly better detailed coverage then spraying. Sanitisation misters (including electrostatic misters) typically have a short range and require more time to cover larger areas.

Sanitisation – Fogging

Sanitisation Foggers | ULV Foggers

Low Volume – Fine Droplet – Increased Coverage

Used for larger indoor sanitisation, ULV (Ultra Low Volume) & Blower Foggers a one of the most commonly used fogging devices for sanitisation. They provide a fine fog of chemical or cleaning solution that finds its way onto almost every surface. They are suited to indoor sanitisation. Not ideal for ongoing sanitisation of large indoor spaces due to low volume output

Eastec’s UFHV Fogging for Room Sanitisation & Disinfection

A new class in rapid application & maximum coverage sanitisation.

Eastec’s Ultra-Fine High-Volume Fogging Solution

After testing and using many of the above detailed sanitisation methods we have developed and customised a new world class sanitisation fogging technique. The UFHV technique puts a clean environment within reach of every organisation by lowering the cost & time-frame of application.

We have developed the machinery and technique to be able to provide excellent coverage, fast, and with Zero saturation.

  • Rapid coverage
  • Fast dry times
  • All Natural Cleaner
  • Outstanding coverage

We pressurise our all natural cleaning solution to over 3000PSI and dispense it through a specialised nozzle to deliver a micro fog of between 10-30 microns.

Our technicians are trained in the execution of this technique which ensures your facility receives a deeper and more thorough clean, all whilst being faster and safer! We think that’s a big win.

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