Is it fair for cleaning and sanitisation companies to be hiking their prices by 100% or more in the current crisis?

Price hiking from cleaning service providers during the current global pandemic

We have had a number of customers contact us for comparative pricing as their existing provider has hiked the price up in some cases by more then 100%.

We understand the need to increase prices by a sensible percentage to cover materials costs but it seems like that there are some sanitisation companies pushing their luck.

We have recently heard of service providers to the education industry pushing their prices up due to be able to get higher paying work elsewhere. The education is under enough pressure as it is right now, this sort of behaviour by their supporting industries is not fair.

At Eastec we believe in fair pricing for all.

To combat the the current price hiking behaviour of some in the industry we have rolled out our Fair Pricing Policy. Read our policy Here:

Eastec Sanitisation – Fair Price Policy

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