Will sanitisation help my Gym?

When we chat with gym owners and managers - one of the common questions we hears is "Will sanitisation service help my Gym?"

Create a Virus Safe School

Take advantage of this free 8-page publication that gives insight in to invaluable strategies that should be utilised in schools to protect education communities.

Cleaning vs Sanitisation

We have all seen it – almost every article and post has a reference to the “new normal” and how it will involve a world with better hygiene and more cleaning. Deep Cleaning, Enhanced-Cleaning, Bio-Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning, cleaning…

Pandemic Price Gouging

Is it fair for cleaning and sanitisation companies to be hiking their prices by 100% or more in the current crisis?

COVID-19 Infection Control Certified

Eastec is pleased to announce that all project managers and cleaning technicians have completed the Australian Government Department of Health training course for COVID-19 Infection control. The Course delivered by …

COVID-19: 3 Important Facts

Fact 1: How COVID-19 is Spread Human coronaviruses are spread from someone infected with COVID-19 virus to other close contacts with that person through contaminated droplets spread by coughing or …

Why we need our schools to re-open soon

…unless we step back and redefine where the burden of responsibility lies in providing care for our most vulnerable and reprioritize what work matters, we are going to emerge from …