Sanitisation Services & “Gym Safe” Chemical Supplies across NSW

Eastec Sanitisation specialises in supporting gyms and fitness centres across NSW with sanitisation & cleaning services, as well as the supply of “gym-safe” cleaning solutions.

We have invested time and laboratory research in to customising a range of products and services specially suited to the fitness industry:

  • Sanitisation “Fogging” or “Bio-misting” service – Best in class, all-natural solutions, dry in 15 mins
  • Gym Floor Cleaning or Rejuvenation – heat free rubber safe floor disinfection and rejuvenation
  • Range of “Gym-Safe” Chemicals and cleaning solutions – Designed to protect (not break down) your gym equipment and surfaces

Are you a gym owner or studio manager trying to make sense of the different chemicals, disinfectants and cleaning procedures that are flooding the market? We can help!

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“Arnold and the team offer a fantastic and reliable service. Our F45 studio members were so impressed with the detail, and the spread of the fog. Thank you for providing us a safe and hygienic environment to train in.”

Christine Gurman

Sanitisation Service For Gyms

Specially formulated disinfectant solutions and application method designed just for gyms:

  • Rapid Application (Dry within 15 mins). Minimal interruption to classes/sessions
  • Gym Surfaces Safe. Cleaning solution will not degrade rubbers and vinyls
  • Deep coverage. Coverage on all surfaces with 10 micron fog
  • EcoGreen 150X Disinfectant Fog. All Natural, Non- toxic, long lasting

Our disinfectant fogging service applies a consistent layer of surface bonding disinfectant. This compound will continue to disinfect for extended periods* after application. We use a disinfectant and application technique that allows us to apply fast, dry fast, and have the best coverage. Every surface in your gym will be virus & infection safe!

For Gyms, we recommend re-sanitisation using fogging every 14 – 25 days

This will complement your daily and pre and post session wipe-downs. We offer significant discounts for periodic sanitisation services.

Check out our EcoGreen 150xR disinfectant suitable for gyms and sensitive surfaces and formulated for repeated use in fitness centres.

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“Gym-Safe” Cleaning Solutions

We have spent time with chemical manufacturers here in Australia to formulate a specialist range of disinfectants and cleaning solutions that are designed to protect the integrity of the surfaces of your gyms and equipment.

So many gym owners gravitate towards the well marketed and oft touted “Hospital-Grade” disinfectants. Many of these contain aggressive chemicals and cleaning agents that are designed for specific surfaces and use cases. These cleaning chemicals have the potential to rapidly degrade specialist surfaces in your gym. Rubber flooring, vinyl and semi-soft surfaces are all sensitive to many of the bleach and alcohol based disinfectants on the market.

We have listed our most popular solutions below.

EcoGreen 150xR

EcoGreen 150xR is a consumer safe mix of the disinfectant we use in our fogging equipment during sanitisation services and deep cleans.

We make this Australian Made pre-mix available in 10L, 15L, & 25L drums. These drums come with a dispensing tap to make it super easy to distribute into smaller vessels.

*Our Swap and go service is available in Sydney Metro & Surrounding areas. After your initial purchase, we will only charge you for a refill (cheaper) and come and collect your empty drum and leave you with a full one. No empty chemical bottles to dispose of!

  • Super-Safe, Non-toxic
  • Kills 99.999% of Germs & Bacteria
  • Disinfects, Cleans, Removes Odours
  • Tested to EN1276 & EN13697 standards
  • Safe on Gym Surfaces (Rubbers, Vinyls etc)
  • Pre-mixed – Ready to use
  • Near Neutral pH
  • Available as “Swap-and-Go”*
  • 10L, 15L, 25L Bulk Containers available
  • Frequent Repeated use
  • Pre & Post Session Spray and/or wipe-downs
  • Hard & Soft Surfaces, Fabrics, Ropes, all surfaces
  • Cleaning, Disinfection & Odour Removal

Ramsol Aerosol Disinfectant

Ramsol aerosol is a super easy to apply fast acting disinfectant.

Ramsol is also available in larger canisters for wider more efficient coverage. Please contact us if you require further information.

  • Fast, easy, application
  • Kills 99.99% of germs & bacteria
  • Easy to handle 500mL can
  • Quick Drying (5 mins or less)
  • Hard or resilient surfaces only
  • Start or end of day protection (Door handles, bathrooms etc)
  • Accessory disinfection (Keys, phones)

Gym floor rejuvenation & deep cleaning

Often gym owners are paying commercial cleaners to try and keep their gyms clean and tidy, however most struggle to provide a proper care program for the specialised rubber used in gym flooring.

Eastec has worked with leading manufactures and suppliers of gym flooring to research and refine the best way to clean and protect your gym floor.

Our gym floor rejuvenation service ensures your gym floor is left clean and fresh whilst ensuring that the integrity of the flooring is maintained and protected.

  • No steam or heat (this can be damaging to rubber flooring)
  • Clean, Disinfect, Scrub & Dry
  • Remove deep seated odour creating materials
  • Extend the life of your flooring material
  • Suitable for rubber flooring, Hard floors, Sled runs, Short pile carpet

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