In our global outlook of improved hygiene, its important to be well armed with the correct information.

Are you Sanitisation Savvy?

Here are three simple facts about sanitisation & disinfection that you probably didn’t know:

Cleaning is NOT equal to sanitisation

Fact 1: Cleaning and sanitisation are NOT the same thing

Most cleaning providers will offer sanitisation or disinfection as an additional wipe down of touch points or stronger disinfectant or cleaning chemicals. This does not provide an effective “deep-clean” as the cleaning methods do not reach all surfaces and provide lasting virus protection.

Not all disinfectants are created equal

Fact 2: Not all disinfectants are created equal

Be sure when selecting a sanitisation provider that they use the safest and most effective disinfecting solution.

Many cleaners will promote “hospital grade” disinfectant, or “alcohol” or “ethanol” based cleaning solutions. Whilst these have their place in cleaning, they are often caustic and harmful to the environment and surfaces. They rarely provide any lasting protection, evaporating into the atmosphere after their initial disinfection.

Wiping is a poor method of disinfecting a surface.

Fact3: Wiping is ineffective & inefficient

Whilst long considered the benchmark in cleaning and sanitisation, wiping has proved in numerous studies and tests to be one of the least sanitary and effective ways of disinfecting surfaces.

The American Journal of Infection published a paper in 2015 stating that spraying was a significantly more effective method for disinfecting surfaces.

Room Fogging or misting can provide deep, effective coverage on all surfaces.

Effective Room Fogging sanitisation

Eastec provides an all natural, non-toxic, rapid room sanitisation service that disinfects all surfaces and provides lasting disinfection.

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