Eastec is pleased to announce that all project managers and cleaning technicians have completed the Australian Government Department of Health training course for COVID-19 Infection control.

Infection Control Training Completed

The Course delivered by the Australian Government provides detailed information for professionals and healthcare workers involved in dealing with risks associated with the COVID-19 Coronavirus as well as broader concepts relating to infection prevention.

  • Hand Sanitising Techniques (For Handrub & Handwash)
  • PPE Sequencing
  • COVID-19 Introduction
  • COVID-19 Background
  • COVID-19 Signs & Symptoms
  • COVID-19 Spread
  • COVID-19 Myths & Facts
  • Infection Prevention Key Concepts

The course was well received by all our staff and we had great feedback. Eastec has implemented all the recommendations from the course into their sanitisation procedures effective immediately.

We are pleased to add this additional Peace of mind for our clients knowing that our cleaning technicians are qualified. All our cleaning technicians will carry a copy of their certification and will make it available on request.

Our Rapid Response Crew can attend your facility and sanitise against COVID-19.

Please Note: Whilst our santisation services can be targeted to reduce the risk of contamination and spread of COVID-19 Eastec does not claim that this government certification qualifies us to “de-activate” the COVID-19 virus.

There are others operating in the sanitation marketplace making bold claims to this effect and have fallen foul of negative media attention.

Our disinfectant is effective in killing all strains of coronavirus including COVID-19 however we do not claim to offer a “cure” for the disease.

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