Part 1: 35% off Sanitisation services

Sanitisation should form part of any “back-to-school” COVID-19 response plan. It forms part of a deep clean and is a rapid and cost effective way to disinfect all surfaces inside classrooms and school spaces.

Our Offer: Eastec is offering 35% off your first sanitisation service to any schools in the greater Sydney area.

You can read full details about our sanitisation service for school here.

Part 2: A free “Shield” Hand Sanitiser bollard with any Sanitisation program booked

Perfect for your office area or other communal space (Hall, library, gym)

Made and patented in Australia, this practical, safe and easy to use system is a totally hands free operation allowing staff, students & visitors to enter your school with added protection.

Our Offer: Eastec is offering a free sanitiser bollard, installation & 3 x 1.5L Hand sanitiser refills with any 3 month sanitisation program* booking.

  • Bollard $595
  • Refills $185
  • Installation (If required) $120

Total value: $900.00 !

*A sanitisation program of 3 months or greater involves Eastec providing recurring sanitisation services over a minimum of 3 months. The duration and frequency of these services depends on school needs and budget. We understand that funding can be an issue and we promise to work with your school operations team to ensure that we come up with a workable program for your school..

$100 Community Giveaway – Woolworths Gift Cards

Eastec will give each school up to $100.00 in woolworths gift cards to distribute to families in need.

We understand that many families have fallen on touch times, and the sense of caring and community is well nurtured in the school setting.

Our Offer: Every school will qualify for the grocery gift cards with their first sanitisation booking. The gift cards will be presented to the school operations team at the completion of the sanitisation.

Part 4: 15% Off Infection Control Consumables

Eastec has access to a sustainable supply chain of consumable products that can help schools through these difficult times.

We have available for immediate shipment bulk supplies of:

  • Hand Sanitiser
  • Toilet Paper
  • Face Masks
  • Disinfectant
  • Disinfectant Wipes (Wet)
  • Disposable Wipes (Dry – Rolls)
  • Sanitiser Dispensers

Our Offer: Once you are a customer of Eastec, you will have access to these consumables at a discount for life!

For more information – Reach out to us here

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