Eastec Cleaning was setup to meet the demand of the new global “Culture of hygiene”. We are a passionate crew of cleaning industry professionals with over 15 years of industry experience.


At Eastec, our vision is to enable the safe and productive sanitation of social facilities. We want a safer world for today & tomorrow


Despite what you might see on the news and in advertising – the machinery that is portrayed as the best for disinfecting, rarely is.

Eastec sanitisation uses custom engineered high pressure fogging machines that pressurizes the disinfectant up to 3000PSI – the liquid is then passed through a specially engineered nozzle that aeroslises the disinfectant to approximately 2.5 – 10 micron droplet size.

Our equipment is like our service – no nonsense, built for the job, and ideal for applying disinfectant.

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    Super Safe

    We use non-toxic, low impact cleaning solutions. We provide documentation and Data sheets with each clean.

    Best Value

    We use a super simple, easy to understand pricing structure. Make sure you are getting the best value.

    Maximum Reach

    Our sanitisation includes 10-30 micron fogging ensuring maximum coverage.

    Customer First

    Our friendly crews & customer service team make sure you and your clients come first in every job.


    At Eastec, our vision is to enable the safe and productive sanitation of social facilities. We want a safer world for today & tomorrow

    We only use Aussie made products.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    It will build trust and credibility for you and your organization with your community. By reassuring and providing peace of mind to your community that you as a business or you as an organization are going above and beyond to support their hygiene and protect them to lower risk even further than what may perhaps be done by other businesses.
    We provide a disinfectant fogging service that will coat all surfaces, and will disinfect from Covid-19 and other viruses and bacteria. This disinfectant coating can last up to 28 days and will provide long lasting protection and disinfection on all surfaces that are covered in the fog.
    Yes! We use one of the safest Covid-19 registered disinfectants in Australia. It’s made here in Australia, and designed to be safe around children and pets, and specifically formulated to support the fitness industry and community where there is high traffic. We make sure that the formula is PH neutral, non-caustic, non-toxic, bleach free and wont cost damage to fabrics, rubbers, stainless steel and chrome.
    We are committed to making this service available to every small business, therefore our prices, we believe, are the fairest in the market place and we will do whatever we can to make this work with your budget. Reach out to us for a call (1300 220 815) and we will customize pricing for your particular facility.